Speaking at Baking Making and Shaking WI

16 September 2018
Earlier this month I received an important call from the Vice President at the Baking, Making & Shaking WI in Bishop's Cleeve. They had a photographer coming to talk to them about photography, and to give them some tips on how to take better photos. Unfortunately, a last-minute family commitment left the WI without their speaker, so, after a bit of pondering, I stepped-in at a couple of days' notice.

They Work for Us

24 April 2018
Dear Adam Lillywhite and Dennis Parsons,


12 October 2017
Way back in June this year iTraq suffered a major service outage, likely due to a fall-out with their SMS provider. In a nutshell, all iTraqs stopped reporting. iTraq offered people a replacement iTraq+ device with upgraded firmware and a new SIM, or a 50% discount on a version 3 device, which was still months away from delivery. I made the choice to have an upgraded iTraq+ device, which arrived a few weeks later.

Compass Local

16 August 2017
Having fancy road or mountain bikes is all well and good until you need to leave them unattended somewhere when you're on holiday. Rather than having to carry a hefty lock and leave expensive bikes in the middle of city where they'll be prone to theft or damage, we decided to look for decent used bikes.

An Indian Affair

15 February 2017
In 2012, having seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I suddenly became interested in visiting India. As it happened, some friends returned to Pune and said that I should visit. Dangerous words. Not long after they returned I was put at risk of redundancy, so I booked flights to Mumbai for that December. When times are uncertain the best thing to do is book three-week a holiday.

Five Years With CrashPlan

29 January 2017
I've been a CrashPlan user, and fan, for over five years now. I used to be a Mozy user, but they got all evil and changed the way they billed customers, meaning that my annual bill went from about $80 to over $500 overnight as they started to charge per GB of data stored.

Fujifilm XPro 1

18 November 2016
I was fortunate to receive the Fuji XPro-1 with a couple of lenses as a gift in December 2014. I was given it on a Friday evening; twelve hours later I was on a plane to India, with the XPro-1 stashed with my usual Nikon camera gear. I figured it would be a good test, if not a bit of a gamble to take brand new gear on such a trip. I'd have about ten hours to read the manual, at least.

Town 30 Burzin

27 October 2016
Since receiving a Fuji XPro-1 as a gift I'd been looking for a camera bag to use with it. The bag had to match the camera's style and, importantly, be usable. The Town 30 Emissary Camera Bag project came up on KickStarter's home page one day, so I decided to check it out.

Moochoo Standert Epic

15 September 2016
On Monday, 29 August, I set off with my friend, Owen, to ride to Berlin for The 100 Project. The ride would take us across five countries over 8 days, covering a distance of around 1,400km. As we left it was looking as though we'd be in for good weather for at least the first five days - sunshine, relatively warm temperatures, and little wind to neither help nor hinder us.

Moochoo Standert

24 June 2016
At the end of August friends and keen cyclists Owen Clay and Hywel Jenkins will set off from Cheltenham to make their way, by bicycle, to Berlin. Passing through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the duo hope to make it to Standert Bicycles, 1,400km away, in the German capital 8 days later. The challenge is a fundraising adventure in aid of cancer support charity, The 100 Project.


18 June 2016
I was introduced to Tile about 18 months ago when a friend gave me a couple to try. Like most people, I regularly misplaced things like keys and iPods, but had resisted adding anything to my keyring because I didn't want the additional bulk. Tile, though, is fairly small and its shape means that you don't have to worry about it snagging on pockets.

Minidrive by Nifty

08 June 2016
One of the main problems with traveling as a photographer is being able to reliably store images and video while you're away from home. It's easy to rack up many gigabytes of data in a short space of time, and as nice as my Macbook Air is, the 256GB SSD just isn't enough for longer trips.